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Break free from Big Tech surveillance with a degoogled Samsung Tab S6 Lite running the privacy friendly LineageOS.

LineageOS is a privacy friendly version of Android that runs without Google apps and services. The open source operating system is based on the Android Open Source Project meaning all the code is audited and free of backdoors, trackers, and telemetry.

Freely download and use apps without a Google account or signing away your digital rights by using the F-Droid and Aurora apps stores.


Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps the most important question in this FAQ

  • The code for LineageOS is open source. You can know exactly what software is running on your device
  • No tracking, telemetry, or phoning home
  • No dependence on Google services
  • No WiFi triangulation
  • Activity tracking across and in apps prevented by denying access to various device identifiers like IMEI and anonymizing others
  • You never have to sign in to an account to use and install apps
  • Locked bootloader ensures integrity of Android security model and software integrity verification
  • Apps run in a hardened sandbox
  • Other hardened security settings

Read up on all the features for GrapheneOS here and CalyxOS here.

If you want microG or want to run apps that require Google Play Services you should select LineageOS 18 microG

If you do not plan on running any apps that require Google Play Services you should select LineageOS 18 official

You can use the helpful 

Samsung Tab S6 Lite (WiFi)

A sturdy, well rounded tablet that is great for watching shows, reading ebooks, document editing, and more.


The design is sturdy but sleek with a glass front within an aluminum frame and body.


A 10.4 inch 2000×1200 pixel TFT LCD display


A Li-Po 7040 mAh battery with fast charging capabilities at 15W


Comes with either 64GB or 128GB internal storage with a microSDXC expansion slot.


Comes with the Exynos 9611 chipset with Octa-core dual processors and the Mali-G72 MP3 graphics processor.


Comes with a thin case cover and S-Pen which will work as a stylus but will not be seamless with LineageOS as it would Samsung’s version of Android due to their proprietary software.

This tablet running LineageOS 18 is going to be more secure in some ways and less than others in comparison to your typical Android tablet.

Why it’s more secure

LineageOS is based off the Android Open Source Project which is very secure in general. As long as you download reputable apps from trusted sources like the F-Droid store or Aurora (Play) Store the odds of someone compromising your device are very low. Apps are heavily sandboxed in Android and have limited access to device files.

Because LineageOS is free and open source software you can be sure there aren’t any backdoors put into the software by manufacturers. The code is also being constantly audited by the Android community.

LineageOS will often support devices with software security updates beyond what the manufacturers will.

Why it’s less secure

The bootloader is not locked on devices running LineageOS.

If there an attacker has physical access to this device the tablet will be less secure since the software on the device can be modified.


A degoogled tablet running LineageOS is most likely going to be secure enough for the average person.

Unless you are a targeted individual with corporate or state secrets, or a journalist it should meet your security needs.

There are currently no official builds for LineageOS 19 for tablets and unofficial builds have a few bugs that can make using some features of the tablet difficult. For example pop-out players for video apps do not work correctly.

There are also no microG builds for LineageOS 19.

That being said there is an unofficial build of LineageOS 19 that works moderately well with Android 12. If you would like this unofficial build to be installed please note this in your order notes at checkout. Note that we will not pay for return shipping in case you regret going this route.

We at Privacy Practical are trying to making the world a better place and don’t like the fact that countries around the world are turning into surveillance states. We want to help people resist this descent however we can.

When installing the operating systems we verify the integrity of the software on your phone and install it with a Linux distribution using open source tools. 

We only ship you devices we would order ourselves. We test our tablets for full functionality and defects before shipping them out to you.

If you’re not satisfied with your tablet for whatever reason you can return it for your money back within 30 days of delivery.

We also love to chat, contact for any questions about anything privacy related.

If you don’t see an answer here check our FAQ page or contact us at

We offer refunds

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your phone or if it you find a defect. View our full return policy on our FAQ page.

Condition Descriptions

Brand New

Brand new devices will be new, never before used. They are not open box and will have only been opened to install the LineageOS software. They will come with the case and S-pen.


Excellent devices will be very lightly used or open box. They may have a few minor scratches that disappear with the screen on and / or scuffs on the back. Battery life will be healthy and it will function normally.

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