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A de-Googled privacy phone with security and privacy oriented CalyxOS or GrapheneOS installed.

These phones run on open source audited code which has no telemetry or tracking. They are abundant with privacy and security features and block apps from tracking you via device IDs like IMEI. The operating systems are based on the Android Open Source Project and do not have any Google services or proprietary code integrated into them.

Sleep easy knowing your phone isn’t listening to you 24/7/365



Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend CalyxOS for those who want privacy while maintaining the usability and features of Android. CalyxOS enables you to privately use the apps you’re familiar with through implementing a framework called microG. This open source code lets apps that would normally require Google services to function without Google. Use this tool to see which apps are confirmed to work with microG. CalyxOS is a more complete setup out of the box while GrapheneOS will takes some tinkering.

If you want the best in security we recommend GrapheneOS. The security is enterprise grade and it does not support microG services. The developers believe in security over what they see as unnecessary, half-finished features. All the security features would be too much to cover in this section but you can read up on them here.

Perhaps the most important question in this FAQ

  • No tracking, telemetry, or phoning home
  • No dependence on Google services and spyware like WiFi triangulation
  • Activity tracking across and in apps prevented by denying access to various device identifiers like IMEI and anonymizing others
  • You never have to sign in to an account to use and install apps
  • The software is open source so you can know exactly what code is running
  • Locked bootloader ensures integrity of Android security model and software integrity verification
  • Apps run in a hardened sandbox
  • Other hardened security settings

Read up on all the features for GrapheneOS here and CalyxOS here.

Ironically Google Pixels are actually some of the easiest phones to degoogle and modify in general. In fact they’re so secure and good for degoogling that they are the only models supported by both CalyxOS and GrapheneOS.

They’re affordable, allow custom software, their hardware security is great with special Titan M security modules, they’re fast, have great cameras, and are well supported with security updates.

We at Privacy Practical are trying to making the world a better place and don’t like the fact that countries around the world are turning into surveillance states. We want to help people resist this descent however we can.

When installing the operating systems we verify the integrity of the software on your phone and install it with a Linux distribution using open source tools. 

We only ship you phones we would order ourselves. We test our phones for full functionality and defects before shipping them out to you.

If you’re not satisfied with your phone for whatever reason you can return it for your money back within 30 days of delivery.

We also love to chat, contact for any questions about anything privacy related.

Yes, all models we sell are network unlocked and should work on any carrier in any country in the world. You won’t need to change your number.

To move your phone number over simply swap out the micro SIM card in your current phone to the new phone. If you don’t have a micro SIM ask your carrier to provide you one.

CalyxOS also supports eSIM which allows you to have two phone numbers on the phone which can be useful for privacy.

GrapheneOS does not support eSIM at this time.

If you don’t see an answer here check our FAQ page or contact us at

Condition Descriptions

All phones will be fully functional and have a reasonable battery life. The grading is based on cosmetics.

  • Brand New –  Phone is new in box with original accessories. Box has only been opened to install the private operating system.
  • Like New / Open Box – Phone will have no scratches visible on either on the glass when in use. Has no to few scratches on screen visible when screen is turned off. House has few to no light markings.
  • Used – Very Good – Screen will have few to no scratches visible when in use. Housing may have scuffs, dings or other marks.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your phone or if it you find a defect. View our full return policy on our FAQ page.

Can it be backdoored?

Without a SIM it does not appear that there are any backdoors in the hardware and the software is open source.

When using a SIM card to utilize SMS texts and calls on networks like AT&T and Verizon, you use a proprietary chip that seems to have backdoors in it. Unfortunately this is a problem for all phones including “dumb phones” and Linux phones. There does not exist an open source alternative for this component. If you’re worried about this then use the phone without a SIM and use a two phone setup.

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