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Website & General FAQ

No! Not now, not in the past and not in the future. It wouldn’t be much of a privacy site if we did that.

If you choose to buy our services or something in our shop the checkout gives the option to use Stripe to process payments which does not follow our privacy policy. If you choose to use them as a payment processor we recommend using a card aliasing service like

If you want to pay in Monero (XMR) or some other crypto shoot us an email at for the service or product you’re interested in and we can get it done that way. We accept encrypted emails.

We collect anonymized data via first party software meaning the data we collect can’t be used to identify you and doesn’t leave our hands. We use Matomo Analytics which is an open source, privacy-friendly analytics alternative. We use it to see how visitors interact with our site.

Then of course if you register for any services or buy products we collect what is necessary to carry out the transaction and or registration and deliver the products and services to you. 

We have a policy to delete any data that is no longer useful to improving or providing our services. You can read more about our privacy practices at our privacy policy.

Send us a message over at and we’ll give you a 20% coupon for our upcoming removal service as a bug bounty.

Sure, send an email at and I’ll look into it.

Privacy Phone FAQ

Pixel phones are designed to work with any carrier anywhere in the world. They support both GSM and CDMA carriers and are network unlocked.

If for some reason you think your carrier might not be supported reach out to us via our contact page and we can check for you before shipping your order.

Yes you can keep your phone number. We don’t supply cellular service we just provide you with a secure and private phone that will work on your current carrier. All you need to do to switch your number to the privacy phone is to move microSD card from your current phone’s tray to the privacy phone using the tool we include. This is an easy process you can do yourself in under a minute without worry.

If you use eSIM or don’t have a microSIM you can request a microSIM card from your carrier. CalyxOS also supports eSIM.

For most users we recommend CalyxOS as it has a good balance between security and usability with arguably more privacy out of the box.

GrapheneOS is more secure out of the box but requires more initial setup and technical knowledge to be used as privately as CalyxOS. Calyx on the other hand can be used privately with little configuration out of the box.

GrapheneOS also lacks a lot of the quality of life features offered by CalyxOS such as automatic app updates and integrations with Signal, F-Droid, and the Aurora store.

While Play Store apps and even Play Services apps can run on GrapheneOS the process is much more intuitive and simplified on CalyxOS.

Yes, we ship all around the world.

International shipping will by default be sent with USPS First-Class Package International Service. This can be upgraded by adding your shipping information in the cart page.

Like New / Open Box are devices that function and appear as if they just came out of the box. They will have no scratches on them visible when held a foot away from the eyes on both the screen and housing or from up close on the screen with the screen on.

Very Good condition devices will be fully functioning devices but may have a few visible scratches while the screen is off or on the back housing. Battery life will still be in good condition but can be closer to 80% of the original capacity. CalyxOS and GrapheneOS take up much less battery than Google’s version of Android so this will not be very noticeable.

Good condition devices may have scratches on the screen visible when in use but are fully functional. Back housing may be scuffed or otherwise have marks. Battery life may be closer to 80%

CalyxOS comes with two open source app stores F-Droid and the Aurora Store.

F-Droid is an open source app store that will work on any version of android and comes preinstalled on CalyxOS. All apps in it are free and open source and will work with or without microG.

Aurora Store is an open source mirror of the Google Play Store that allows you to anonymously install apps from the Play Store. Many of these apps will work as normal. Apps that require Google Play Services will require microG.

microG is an open source Google Play Services alternative that anonymously substitutes the functionality of Google Play Services allowing many, but not all, apps that rely on Play Services to work.

Be sure to check app compatibility with Plexus a free and open source tool to track app compatibility on deGoogled Android phones. 

If you have questions about  compatibility or alternatives to your favorite apps email us at

Believe it or not many Play Services apps will work on GrapheneOS though it is a bit more complicated to get that working. Graphene supports running Google Play Services in a sandbox which will enabled many apps requiring it to run but some high security banking apps might prove troublesome to get working. Click here for more information.

To check app compatibility use Plexus a free and open source tool to track app compatibility on deGoogled Android phones.

Shipping within the USA will generally take around 7 days to arrive at your door from time of order.

International shipping will be sent with USPS First-Class Package International Service. This can be upgraded to Priority Mail International which will make it so the phone will arrive in 10 or so days depending on the country it’s shipping to.

If we expect a shipping to take longer we will notify you via email.

We do offer refunds and returns. Read below for details

In the case we shipped you a defective item that is lacking some functionality like WiFi we will offer a full refund and pay for return shipping.

In the case you are not satisfied with your device for another reason not related to the functionality or have just changed your mind we will accept your return but the buyer will pay for return shipping.

Returns must be initiated within 30 days of the device arriving the shipping address provided at checkout.

Device must arrive at the return address we provide within 14 days of us sending you the return address. Time-frame may be extended for international orders.

Refunds will be disbursed upon our receiving the device within the proper time-frame in the original condition it was sent to you in.

To initiate a refund email us at with the subject line “Return Order #[your order number]” and the reason for return.

Your order # can be found in the invoice or shipping confirmation emailed to the address you provided at checkout.

We are currently considering offering cheaper LineageOS phones for around 200 USD but have to work out some concerns.

LineageOS is not entirely degoogled nor is it secure. Measures can be taken to fully degoogle it but the security features present in CalyxOS and GrapheneOS cannot be easily added.

Unlike CalyxOS and GrapheneOS LineageOS does not support verified boot so the integrity of the software is not well protected.

If you are interested in a custom solution despite this contact and we can discuss a solution.

We are currently looking into /e/OS. While they are more expensive their site does offer phones with their operating system loaded onto it.

Shipping within the USA is free.

Delivery to locations outside the USA will be an additional $8 flat rate added to the order total.