Your Private Information Is Being Sold

We Can Stop That

The private information of you and your family is a 15 second search away on sites like Google. Data brokers create and sell profiles containing personal information like age, social media accounts, phone number, email address, work, financial, and various legal histories.

We remove your private information from over 100 different data broker sites.

Why Remove Your Data?

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Identity Theft

Mitigate the risk of fraud by making yourself a harder target through limiting how easily your information is accessed online.


Keep your information private. Anyone wanting to know more about you will have to put in more work than a quick Google search.


Make it harder for malicious individuals like stalkers, abusive family, or disgruntled employees to peer into your location and routines.

Peace of Mind

It's comforting when someone will have to do more work than type in your name to get a full background check done on you.

$ 0
Billion USD
Lost from identity theft in 2018
32 %
of US consumers experienced identity theft in 2019-2020

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Recovery from identity theft is quite oftenmeasured in months if not years

Information We Remove

Here's some information that can be found on the sites we remove from with just as a name and general location

Date of Birth

Phone Number

Email Address

List of Relatives

Address History

Employment History

Financial History

Criminal Record

How We Work

We Scan For Your
Personal Information

We scour the web and search for listings on over 100 different data broker services. This process manually can take upwards of 12 hours. Luckily we've put in the work so you don't have to.

We Remove Your
Personal Information

After locating a listing on a site selling your personal information we will submit an opt-out request.

Ongoing Scans For
New & Readded Listings

Listings containing your personal information can sometimes have a bad habit of coming back and new sites crop up often. That's why we perform monthly scans to ensure your data stays gone.

How We Stand Apart

We Remove You From More Sites

Perhaps the most important difference between Privacy Practical and our competitors is the amount of sites we remove you from.
We remove you from over 100 different sites by default.

We're Faster

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We Don't Stop At Data Removal

On top of providing this service provides all things privacy from resources, articles, and smartphones.
We live and breathe digital freedom and we have the work to show for it. (could divert people away)

You Get More For Your Money

Cheapest per removal

It's Your Data
You should have control

Should companies be allowed to profit off your personal information without your consent?