About the Site

PrivacyPractical.com is a site dedicated to providing everyday people with the knowledge and resources to make practicing good privacy as practical as possible.

The site was started after the author deemed his field of study was terrorizing the world and decided to try and make a living sharing his accumulated knowledge on privacy practices cultivated by what is now years of steadily increasing surety that the world is being run by a group which sees 1984 and the Revelation of John as guide books.

What about the author?

Oh so you decided you wanted to know a bit more about me? Kinda paradoxical for there to be an about page on a privacy site.

My name is Max Warren and I am a Christian, entrepreneur, and privacy advocate.

My story in tech starts from an early age when my parents would ask me how to use the computer or how to hookup some new device that had sprung up during the tech revolution of the early 2000’s. Electronics, wires, and software all came naturally to me. After a few years of helping family and friends I had built up quite a skill set which led to my first job driving around on a motorcycle serving as the neighborhood’s local IT guy. I would mostly go around removing viruses, bloatware, and performing basic maintenance allowing me to see just how unaware people were of the ins and outs of the technology everyone was starting to become dependent on.

Growing up at the same time the internet was beginning to really take off I still remember the horrible screeching noise the dial-up modem would make when connecting to AOL. For any Zoomers who don’t know what I’m talking about, try and imagine what it would be like if a computer screamed in pain for a prolonged period of time every time you wanted to check your email. Screeching computers aside as a kid you spend most of your time watching people, trying to figure out just what on earth is going on and I was a more observant child than most. I remember specifically thinking that enjoyed being a wallflower in middle school with the assumption that by the time I became an adult I would have a mastery of the knowledge of human behavior which would benefit me greatly in all my endeavors. Very weird thing for a kid that age to be thinking, but I think it was true to a degree though I also ended up alienating myself from society in general not for lack of friends but from a difference of perspective.

Like many kids when it first came out I wanted a Facebook account. Fortunately my parents forbid me from doing so do the concerns of stranger danger and following the conventional wisdom of the time that it was not a great idea to post your personal information for all to see. I remember several people making the argument that people can learn your habits from social media and then choose to rob your house at a time your not home. Many of those same people now have social media accounts and have some of the worst privacy practices out of anyone I know.

From my people watching habit I saw the way people interact with each other change radically as each new technological innovation became ingrained into society. Conversations become more superficial yet everyone has access to everyone at any time. The process of getting to know someone cheapening as it becomes easier to find out about someones lives and thoughts the more they post. There are many examples, and it appears the majority of the changes are maladaptive at best and destroying the fabric of society at worst.

While I started out in another field my education ended up being in psychology and brain sciences. The more I learned in college the more I could see how these theories about human mind had been used to increasingly assert what amounts to a form of algorithmically driven mind control. Civilization will always be somewhat of a Skinner’s box by nature. (A Skinner’s Box is an environment designed in such a way to achieve a certain behavioral outcome. Ex: if I want a rat to move to one side of a room and stay out of another, I electrify the part of the floor I want him to stay away from and dispense food whenever he stays in the other section) However, digital devices have become a large chunk of our reality and to our great danger that reality is often at the mercy of a select group of technocrats who get to control the what, why, and how of your experiencing it. With the allure of convenience and entertainment I’ve watched for a long time as people are coaxed into building these Skinner Box’s around themselves with Big Tech controlling the blueprints and the resulting desired behavioral outcome.

And so I have made this site and one of the primary goals in my life to bring awareness to these changes; to remind people that it wasn’t always like this. It can be different, and it may be bad enough now that some horrible things will have to occur to bring us back to a point where we can be made to reassess these choices but someday things will change. I don’t know when or how but I’ll keep at it til then. I thank you for reading, God bless.